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Silentel 6.5

We are happy to provide you with release notes for coming Silentel update.


The most significant new feature in Silentel 6.5 is automatic wake-up of the Silentel app by incoming events (like incoming call, new text message or chat).

Silentel wakes-up and renews the connection even if the application was disconnected by system. Once you connect to the Silentel Server you will be online and available for other Silentel users, until you manually log out.

Another benefit of this update is lower power consumption and longer battery life when using Silentel (significantly improved for Android devices).

What's new in Silentel 6.5 (20 October 2015):

  • Automatic wake-up of the Silentel app by incoming events.
  • New Silentel Studio application (web-based application with multi-role administrator feature). Learn more >
  • Improved and optimized Silentel Certification Authority with new user-interface and database engine.
  • Silentel for iOS: Simplified Chinese language support.
  • Silentel for Android/BlackBerry: Aliases for Contacts.
  • Silentel for Android/BlackBerry: Simplified Chinese and Portuguese language support.

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