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Secure storage for all your sensitive documents, photos or simply any files you do not want anybody else to have access to.

Mobile Platforms


Silentel protects your voice and data communication against wiretapping and interception.


SilentelSafe provides secure storage for your sensitive documents, photos or any files.


Import, store and share your sensitive files with SilentelSafe.

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    Store securely all of your sensitive documents

    All kinds of files – documents, photos, videos and any other files of any size. SilentelSafe simply protects everything what is important to you.

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    Import documents from third party applications to SilentSafe

    Most of your files on your mobile device are freely available to unauthorized access. In case you lose your mobile phone or it's stolen you would not like to share it with a thief or a hacker. Importing your sensitive documents into SilentelSafe is quick and easy, and SilentelSafe will guarantee complete privacy. SilentelSafe also allows you to import files from your emails, chat applications (Messages, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), cloud services (iCloud, Drive, DropBox, etc.), photo and media galleries and other non-secure sources.

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    Share securely your sensitive documents

    All documents stored in SilentelSafe can be opened and securely shared with other third party applications that you select and allow. However, always think twice if you really want to share your documents with a third party application.

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    Share your documents with others using Silentel

    The most secure way how to share your sensitive documents with your colleagues and partners is using Silentel. Just select the recipients in the Silentel application and all the selected documents are securely sent to them.

How SilentelSafe protects your documents


    Strong password / no weak password


    As many other good systems, SilentelSafe allows to use only strong password. But SilentelSafe provides more, SilentelSafe provide mechanism to prevent entering password repeatedly.


    Strong Encryption


    Each of your documents is encrypted using military-grade AES-256 encryption and includes unique records of your mobile device. If someone copies encrypted documents from your mobile device and tries to guess your password he will never succeed. Your documents can be decrypted only on your device and only using your password.


    No third party servers, no clouds


    SilentelSafe stores your sensitive documents encrypted on your mobile device or computer. No third-party servers, no cloud services. You have everything under your full control.


    No backdoors, only your password matters


    Many systems provide possibility to reset your password (e.g. using security questions). But think – if they are able to reset your password, are they really not able to access also your documents? SilentelSafe always requires to enter your password and there is no other possibility to access your documents. However this can also create troubles for you if you lose or forget your password, because after 10 unsuccessful trials to enter your password your data might be lost forever. Still, SilentelSafe prefers strong security to any possible backdoor.

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